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Finding The Right Lawyer For You

Delivery Driver Injury Lawsuit – Case Study

Over the years, we’ve heard so many different injury stories. We weren’t surprised when we received a call from an injured delivery driver. But, his story serves as an example of how the right lawyer can help you.

Talk To More Than One Injury Lawyer

Why would we tell you to talk to more than one injury lawyer? First, every injury lawyer will give you a free consultation. Second, speaking to more than one lawyer will help you pick the right one for you.

A Free Consultation With Howard Silverman

We had a phone call from a delivery driver in the area. He was seriously injured in a loading dock fall. While making a delivery, he fell between his truck and the loading dock. His injuries were severe and he needed help.

delivery truck injury attorney helps truckers

Other Lawyers Had Turned The Case Down

We weren’t the first (or second, or third) law firm the delivery driver called. In fact, we were the fourth or fifth. Every law firm had turned him down so far, but he decided to make another call. Additionally, we were going to be the last call.

Getting Turned Down By Everyone You Call Is Disheartening

After hearing “no” so many times, even when you think you’re right can be difficult. But, Howard spoke to him and asked a few questions. “After a few questions, I had a feeling we could help this guy” said Howard when asked about the case. Howard uncovered information other law firms had missed.

injured delivery driver hurt on unsafe loading dock - Lancaster injury attorney

Experience Makes The Best Attorneys

Howard asked a few questions other lawyers had missed. Having experience with many different types of injury cases means we see a lot of situations. We know the right questions to ask to determine if we can help someone or not.

Our Award-Winning Legal Team

So, as the delivery driver recovered we investigated. Our legal team found several glaring problems with how the loading dock operated. Several safety checks had been skipped by company employees. These safety failures caused the delivery driver harm.

What Other Attorneys Missed

It’s true, the delivery driver wasn’t parked perfectly straight into the dock. This is what caused the other law firms to pass on helping the injured delivery driver. But, important safety regulations were ignored. This is what ultimately led to the injury of the delivery driver.

loading dock injury at local warehouse - delivery driver gets settlement

Large Settlement Helps Injured Delivery Driver

In the end, we were able to secure $475,000 for the injured delivery driver. After he was turned down by other firms and about to give up hope, we were able to help him. Now, he has the funds to cover his medical expenses. He has money to seek out more treatment options he couldn’t afford before.

Lancaster Injury Law Firm

Haggerty Silverman & Justice helps injured people like this driver every day. Our legal team has the experience to find things other firms would miss. We can’t always help everyone, but we always make an effort to help when we can.

Call or text us anytime at 717-397-3200 for free legal advice or to schedule a free consultation. Or, fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you.
Consultations are free and confidential. Additionally, we never charge legal fees unless we recover money for you. You’ve got nothing to lose. Contact us today and understand your options.