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Feeling Sorry For The Person Who Caused Your Injury

Let’s face it, getting into a car accident can be brutal. Not only can it cause your car to be totaled—it can cause you the rest of your life in pain. This can lead to financial problems for you that you didn’t deserve. Should feeling sorry for the person who caused your injury stop you from a fair financial recovery?

feeling sorry for the at-fault driver

6 Million Car Accidents Per Year

There are over 6 million car accidents a year in America. Nearly all “accidents” are caused by negligent drivers. Many of those crashes lead to chronic injuries. So what happens when you feel sorry for the person who hit you?

Here is everything you need to know about feeling bad for the person who caused you an injury:

Common Feelings After an Accident

You could experience a wave of emotions after a vehicle crash. In fact, many people experience the same emotions. These emotions are normal, and the average person endures them.

The most common feelings after an accident are:


It is quite normal to feel anger after an accident; especially if you did not cause it. You may feel angry that someone was negligent and that you have to suffer because of their actions. A car crash causes a chain of events that are inconvenient at best. You’ll need to get your car repaired, spend time dealing with insurance, and more. It’s not fun, and to feel anger is completely normal.

angry driver

If you were injured, you may feel even angrier. You will feel that you did not deserve the injury. While it is important to hold them accountable for their actions, anger isn’t the best path to recovery.


Accidents can easily cause depression. If your life is altered, or even if your car is totaled, depression can worm its way into your life. After a crash, the loss of income, mobility, quality of life can all contribute to a feeling of despair. These feelings can turn into a lasting depression.

Depression can cause:

  • feeling of isolation
  • sadness/despair
  • excessive sleep
  • insomnia
  • self-harm
  • substance abuse
  • hurt yourself
  • suicidal thoughts/tendencies
  • and more
emotions after an injury


If you were seriously injured in an accident, being in denial or disbelief can be common. It may be hard to grasp what happened and that your life is forever changed. While a certain amount of positivity will help your healing process, it is important to be truthful with yourself.

Denial can be part of the healing process. It can make the accident and injury easier to handle mentally. In time, things become easier to adjust to and accept.


It is totally normal to feel bad for the other party. If they caused you an injury, empathy is a typical emotion. It’s likely the at-fault driver genuinely feels bad for the harm they caused. You can empathize with the fact they are experiencing deep guilt for hurting you.

Empathy can cause you to feel bad they are experiencing pain, even if you are too. Feeling pity for the other person is common too. These are normal human emotions.

Do Not Let Pity Stop You From A Fair Recovery

Although it’s normal to feel bad for the at-fault driver, this shouldn’t stop you from getting fair compensation. You deserve a fair settlement for your injury.

car accident injury legal consultation

Get A Fair Injury Settlement 

If you have been injured by another driver, consider talking to a personal injury attorney in a free consultation. Make sure you get a fair injury settlement to cover your injury expenses.

Haggerty & Silverman Injury Attorneys

At Haggerty & Silverman, we believe in helping people. If you’ve been injured by another driver, you should know your options. Talk to one of our local attorneys in a free legal consultation.