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Faulty Product

Faulty Product Leads To Wrongful Death

In July 0f 2017, a house in Millersville was completely leveled after a gas leak led to a massive explosion. The explosion killed a UGI worker and injured 3 other workers. A faulty product or its installation likely caused the leak.

The explosion sparked an investigation that is still underway over a year later. So far, the investigation points to a part that was improperly installed. A PermaLock mechanical tapping tee was incorrectly installed almost 20 years ago. In fact, the connection was leaking gas before the explosion.

house destroyed by faulty product - injury law firm Haggerty & Silverman P.C.

This is the house, pictured on Google Maps – before the explosion destroyed it.

The Investigation Continues

Was the leak caused by a faulty product or improper installation? What caused the explosion? Though the tapping tee is likely the cause of the gas leak, there is no official word of what sparked the gas. Additionally, the investigation continues.

Action Taken By UGI

Since 2007, about 4,000 PermaLock tee assemblies have been replaced by UGI. Over 1,000 have been remediated or replaced since the home explosion in 2017. That’s less than a year’s time. In a nearby townhome development, UGI has dug up and replaced parts in front of many of the homes. It seems that Millersville has a real problem.
The NTSB advises: “An incorrectly installed tee assembly can leak gas for several months, years, or decades after installation.” To this day, over a year later, the house has not been rebuilt. All that remains is a concrete pad of the garage and weeds. A lone memorial to the UGI employee who died is standing near the mailbox.

gas explosion levels house after improper installation

Not The First Gas Explosion

Millersville is no stranger to gas-related explosions. In 2011, a gas explosion leveled The Framery and shook the small college town. Luckily, there were no injuries in the explosion. The Framery explosion was blamed on a construction mishap. The Framery and the house were located about a mile apart.

What To Do If You Smell Gas

Natural gas is odorless. However, a rotten egg-like odor is added to the gas so that leaks can be detected. If you smell gas, vacate and call UGI right away. UGI has a hotline set up to report gas leaks: 800-276-2722Even if you only smell a little, you should call and leave the premises. If you have nearby neighbors, alert them of the possible danger. In the case of possible natural gas leaks, it is better to err on the side of caution.

natural gas explosion caused by defective part or installation - product liability attorney in Lancaster

Defective Or Dangerous Product Liability Attorney In Lancaster

This sort of problem is exactly why we practice product liability law. Luckily the family was on vacation, but a person died and three more injured in this explosion. This could have been much worse. UGI and Honeywell (the manufacturer) knew of the problems with the PermaLock. Yet, it took an explosion this big and someone’s life to get UGI motivated to replace the part.
We stand up for victims of defective, faulty, or dangerous products. When a company knowingly continues to sell or install a part like this, they are willfully negligent. Find out more about product liability.

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