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EzriCare Artificial Tears Lawsuits

If you used EzriCare artificial tears eye drops and developed a serious eye infection or suffered vision loss, you may be eligible for compensation. Learn more about EzriCare lawsuits, why the eye drops are dangerous, and how you can file a claim in this article.

ezricare artificial tears lawsuits

What Are EzriCare Artificial Tears?

EzriCare Artificial Tears are a brand of over-the-counter eye drops used to treat dry eyes and other symptoms. People use eye drops for dry eye, allergies, redness, irritation, and other eye problems. EzriCare brand eye drops were sold in physical stores, like Walmart, and online retailers, like Amazon.

What Is Wrong With EzriCare Eye Drops?

In January/February of 2023, the CDC discovered a bacteria contamination in EzriCare Artificial Tears eye drops. Global Pharma Healthcare Private Limited, the manufacturer of the eye drops, recalled all EzriCare Artificial Tears in early February of 2023.

bacteria infection from eye drops

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria Infection

Eye drops are supposed to be a sterile solution. However, EzriCare eye drops were contaminated with pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. This bacteria can cause serious eye infections and/or vision loss. At least one person has died after the bacterial infection entered their bloodstream. People with issues related to using EzriCare Artificial Tears should talk to an attorney for information about a product liability claim.

When Should I Contact An Attorney?

  1. Have you used EzriCare eye drops? If yes, proceed to the next question. If no, stop.
  2. Did you have an eye infection after using EzriCare eye drops? If yes, did you also seek care from a medical provider (doctor, urgent care, eye specialist)? If yes, you may have a valid claim. If no, proceed to the next question.
  3. Did you suffer noticeable vision loss after using EzriCare eye drops? If no, stop. If yes, you may have a valid claim.

Using our simple questionnaire, you should be able to determine if an injury lawyer may be able to help you. If you have questions about your specific situation, we would advise you to contact an injury attorney for clarification. If you believe you qualify for a claim, we are here to help.

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