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Extreme Acts of Negligence

Every day, we see the aftermath of negligence. In the news, we see evidence of extreme acts of negligence. Negligence is the cause of so many injuries and deaths each year.

What Are Extreme Acts Of Negligence?

Extreme acts of negligence are people who take negligent acts and behavior to the extreme. These are people with little regard for their safety or the safety of others. In this article, we take a look at drivers engaging in extreme acts of negligence.

ATV Riders Cause Crash

Illegal ATV use on Philadelphia streets is increasingly common and incredibly dangerous. Two young ATV riders caused a horrific accident that almost cost them their lives. The ATVs were unregistered, and illegally driving on the road when the ATV drove through a red light at an intersection. A collision with a large SUV occurred. The crash was caught on video which was shared with local news.

The driver and the passenger on the ATV may require amputation after serious leg injuries from this crash. Mixing reckless driving with a lack of any protection is incredibly negligent. In addition to a lack of physical protection, the riders also have no insurance coverage for their injuries.

Driver Ramps Tesla On Street

We were shocked when we saw video online of a Tesla driver ramping the car on a crowded public street. This incident happened in Los Angeles. The driver lost control and crashed into a few parked vehicles on the side of the street. With so many people standing nearby, it’s easy to imagine how this could have been worse.

The driver, after crashing into the vehicles, leaves the scene of the crash. The Tesla was a rental, and the driver will face hit-and-run charges.

Drivers Take Over Streets In Philly

Video recorded near City Hall in Philly shows a large gathering of people and drivers. Many people gathered to watch drivers perform burnouts, donuts, and other stunts. The video shows spectators standing extremely close as cars slide past them in a cloud of smoke. Plenty of videos online show how spectators get seriously hurt by drivers like this. The risk of watching this kind of activity up close is not worth it.

Driver Tows SUV Inside Box Truck

A Twitter account for the Washington State Patrol showed a driver towing an SUV inside a U-Haul moving truck. The box truck was too small to fit the SUV inside completely, so the back of the vehicle is hanging out of the box truck. Even more insane is the driver used a ratchet strap on the flimsy box to keep the SUV from falling out of the back of the truck.

It’s obvious the box truck is not intended to move an SUV in this manner. Additionally, the strap will not hold so much weight in a fast-moving vehicle for long.

Dangerous Drivers On The Road

We are constantly surprised and dumbfounded by the extreme acts of negligence demonstrated by drivers on the road. If you are injured by a negligent driver, talk to a local injury attorney for help.