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Driver Loses Control

We have all seen or heard of a driver losing control. Normally, this term is used in connection with a vehicle crash. The driver loses control and hits something or someone else. But, what does it really mean to lose control of a vehicle?

driver loses control - lancaster injury lawyer

What Does It Mean?

When a driver loses control, it means they were unable to safely operate their vehicle. Any number of factors can cause loss of control. Here are common reasons a driver can lose control of their vehicle:

  • driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • distracted driving
  • medical emergency event
  • speeding/driving too fast for conditions
  • aggressive driving
  • poor road conditions
  • mechanical failure
lancaster personal injury lawyer - distracted driver

Driver Error

Many of the reasons a driver loses control of their vehicle qualify as driver error. This means the driver made a mistake, or mistakes, that led to the crash. When this happens, the driver is responsible for the crash.

dangerous driver injury lawyer in lancaster

Mechanical Error

Though a majority of crashes are caused by negligent drivers, it’s not always the driver’s fault. Roughly 13% of crashes happen because of mechanical errors.

However, mechanical errors can still be the driver’s fault. Failure to routinely inspect and repair a vehicle can lead to mechanical problems. But, there are times when a mechanical error is a problem outside the driver’s control.

Manufacturing Defects

Vehicle manufacturers make hundreds of thousands of vehicles each year. It is their duty to provide the safest vehicles possible. When a manufacturing defect causes a mechanical failure, it puts people in danger. If a driver loses control due to a manufacturing defect, any injured people may have a claim against the manufacturer.

Faulty Vehicle Parts

Defective vehicle parts can fail, which can lead to driver control loss. When this happens, the part manufacturer could be liable for any resulting injuries. Defective parts can include internal parts, brakes, suspension, tires, and more. When defective parts or manufacturing defects cause injuries, these claims require a product liability lawyer.

faulty car repairs can lead to injury lawsuits

Faulty Repairs

Many drivers don’t have the mechanical knowledge to make repairs to their vehicles. Additionally, many people trust mechanics and repair shops to maintain their vehicles. If a faulty repair causes a driver to lose control, any injured people may have a claim against the repair facility.

Who Pays For Injury Claims?

If you have an injury, you might want to file a claim to pay your medical bills and expenses. But, who pays for an injury claim? Personal injury claims are paid by insurance policies. It could be your insurance or the insurance of other at-fault parties.

If another driver causes a crash, you might have a valid claim against their insurance. Additionally, faulty repairs and manufacturing defects can lead to successful claims against those responsible. Vehicle manufacturers and repair shops carry insurance coverage too.

If you want to file a claim for an injury, the best advice is to talk to a local injury attorney. An experienced attorney will investigate your claim and help you through the process. In most situations, an injury attorney will negotiate a better settlement for your claim.

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