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Does My Insurance Go Up After An Accident?

It is a commonly believed myth that following a car accident, your insurance will automatically increase in price after you file a claim. If you’re asking: “Does my insurance go up after an accident?” You’ve come to the right place.

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Does insurance really go up after an accident claim? This is not always the case, especially for drivers who have an otherwise clean driving record. It can also depend on the company providing your insurance and your policy. There are a few other factors that may contribute to an increase in car insurance costs.

Insurance Policy Changes

Most times, insurance companies use any change as an opportunity to “adjust” your rates in their favor. Policy changes are an opportunity for insurance companies to increase your rates. This can happen when you get a new car, move, get older, or how many people are covered on your policy.

When Will A Car Accident Impact My Insurance Rate?

Though it is not the case after every accident, sometimes an accident will increase your insurance. Certain factors will determine if your premium will increase after filing a claim. 

At-Fault Driver

Being the at-fault driver in an accident could raise your insurance rates. This isn’t always true, but an at-fault driver engaging in dangerous behavior (speeding, texting, etc.) is likely to see their rates go up. 

Not At-Fault

If you were not at fault for the crash, it’s likely your insurance won’t go up after an accident. This is assuming your car isn’t totaled after the crash. If your car is totaled, your rate will change based on the value of the car you buy. Being the victim of multiple no-fault accidents could raise your rates.

Severity Of The Claim

The severity and cost of the claim are factors that can determine whether or not your car insurance rates will increase. From an insurance standpoint, there is a difference between a small fender bender and a completely totaled vehicle. The at-fault driver may see an increase depending on the damage they cause.

Your Driving Record

Your driving record will also play a part in whether your insurance rate will increase. If you have a history of dangerous driving, insurance companies may view you as a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers typically pay more for insurance. 

Accident Forgiveness

Certain insurance companies offer “accident forgiveness” programs. These programs protect your rate from going up after an accident. Every insurance company is different, but typically this type of program will protect your policy even when the accident is your fault.

Reach Out To A Lawyer For Help  

Insurance coverage is confusing. If you are in a car accident, talk to an injury lawyer about your coverage. Insurance companies are supposed to protect you, but they also care about making money. Your insurance company may try to short you on your claim.

Free Insurance Coverage Review

Most people learn too late that they don’t have coverage to protect them. At Haggerty & Silverman, we offer a free Pennsylvania car insurance policy review. We want you to have good coverage that protects you after a car accident. One of our paralegals will review your policy with you and recommend changes you can make to improve your coverage. Contact us today for a free car insurance policy review.