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Doctor Accused Of Faking Cancer Treatments

false cancer treatments and fraudMedical malpractice cases cover an array of negligence claims. Doctors and other healthcare providers take a Hippocratic Oath where they swear to practice medicine in an honest and ethical way. In recent years, the lines of honesty have become blurred as a result of greed and incompetence.

Most recently is the case against Dr. Farid Fata. His alleged crimes against patients is a prime example of this disservice to communities and society alone. Dr. Fata is accused of deliberately misdiagnosing patients over an extended period of time. The majority of his victims are suffering from cancer. You would think that this is bad enough, but the doctor went as far to even diagnose patients with cancer…even though they didn’t have it.

Federal agents arrested Dr. Fata at his Rochester Hills practice in Michigan on Tuesday. He was charged with health care fraud amounting to $35 million dollars in false claims to Medicare. Additionally, the treatments he prescribed were not even necessary. According to the doctors defense attorney, his client is not a flight risk. The prosecutor sees it differently. This may be due to the fact that Dr. Fata has millions of dollars at his disposal and a home in the country of Lebanon.

This story only grows deeper when it was revealed that the doctor was attempting to make money off of chemotherapy. The alleged actions of Dr. Fata include misdiagnosing patients with cancer and then prolonging their chemotherapy treatment. In some situations, he would diagnose a patient with cancer…the only problem is that some of these patients didn’t have cancer.

Did we mention that Dr. Fata supposedly kept “end-of-life” patients on chemotherapy when it wasn’t necessary?

FBI agents wasted no time, after the doctors arrest, collecting boxes and boxes of evidence from his home and from his multiple businesses. FBI agents say the motive was: Money.

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