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Diabetic And Weight Loss Treatment Stomach Paralysis

published 08/30/2023

For people who struggle with managing their diabetes, life can be difficult. Treatments, like Ozempic and Wegovy, promise to help people lose weight in a safe and easy way. But, we are seeing evidence that Ozempic and Wegovy may cause serious health problems. Does the use of diabetic weight loss drugs cause stomach paralysis?

Contact us for a free legal consultation if you have used Ozempic and/or Wegovy and are diagnosed with stomach paralysis

weight loss medication lawsuits

Ozempic And Wegovy

Ozempic is a treatment originally formulated to help diabetic patients control their blood sugar. But, patients also experienced rapid weight loss. This news quickly spread about Ozempic and there was a large spike in interest. However, Ozempic was not approved as a weight loss treatment.

Novo Nordisk, the maker of Ozempic, developed Wegovy as a lower-dose version of the same active ingredient. Wegovy quickly became popular with people seeking help with weight loss.

How Do These Treatments Work?

Ozempic and Wegovy work for weight loss by slowing digestion. People stay full longer, thus eating less food. Slower digestion leads to eating less food, which causes weight loss for patients. However, nearly all patients gain the weight back if they stop using these medications.

This means patients must continue using Ozempic or Wegovy even after reaching their ideal weight.

Long-Term Use Of Ozempic Or Wegovy

Using Ozempic or Wegovy for an extended time can cause problems. We are investigating evidence of serious digestion issues associated with long-term use of Ozempic and/or Wegovy. Long-term use may be linked to stomach paralysis. Because reduced digestion is caused by Ozempic and Wegovy, patients may not know they have stomach paralysis.

Stomach Paralysis Diagnosis

Patients on Ozempic and/or Wegovy are coming forward with serious stomach problems. Use of these products for about 1 year or more may be linked to stomach paralysis. More and more patients using these products are having serious stomach problems. This is a problem because patients weren’t warned of this kind of problem in the side effect disclosures.

Undisclosed Side Effects

Manufacturers must disclose known and foreseeable side effects to patients before they begin using prescription treatments. Side-effect disclosures make it possible for patients to make an informed decision about their health. When a side effect is serious, like stomach paralysis, a patient must be able to decide if the risk is worth the possible benefit.

Many successful pharmaceutical lawsuits are centered on the fact that a manufacturer failed to disclose known side effects. Pharmaceutical companies may hide information and statistics to boost sales. Companies like this put profits above patient health and safety.

Ozempic/Wegovy Stomach Paralysis Lawsuit

We are investigating claims that Ozempic and Wegovy cause stomach paralysis. Contact us for a free legal consultation if you have used prescription Ozempic and/or Wegovy AND have experienced serious stomach problems. We are here to help you understand your options. Contact us today!