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Delivery Driver Insurance Problems

Delivery apps have grown in popularity in recent years. Especially during the pandemic. This created an opportunity for drivers to make some money. But driving deliveries creates a loophole insurance companies use to deny claims. This can affect delivery drivers and people involved in crashes with them.

Learn more about delivery driver insurance problems and what you can do to protect yourself in this article. If you are injured and are not the at-fault driver, talk to a local injury attorney for a free consultation.

delivery driver car accident claims

The Convenience of Delivery Apps

People have a lot of options for food and item delivery. They can choose between multiple platforms to have any type of food or grocery item delivered with just a few taps on their phone. This has made delivery pretty seamless and easy for users.

Insurance Claims

When everything goes well, everyone is happy. However, when driving is involved there is the chance of a crash. In delivery driver cases, this results in confusing insurance claims. Whose insurance covers the claim? Many times, delivery app drivers are “independent contractors.”

delivery service car accident confusion

Delivery Driver Insurance Coverage

If a food delivery driver gets in an accident while making deliveries in their personal vehicle, what happens? This is not the same as traditional delivery drivers who drive a company car with insurance coverage provided by their employer. If you are considering driving for a delivery app service, it is important to know what your insurance plan will cover. 

Work Use Vs. Personal Use

While it is mandatory in PA to have car insurance – the law has not caught up to new technology and the “gig economy.” A delivery driver might have the wrong insurance coverage on their personal vehicle. There is a major difference in how your insurance will cover a crash if you are driving for personal or business use. 

Using Personal Car To Make Deliveries

If you plan to use your vehicle for business purposes, you will need commercial insurance coverage. However, the process of deciding the right coverage is not so cut and dry. Talking in terms of a delivery driver, the answer is not always so clear. If you are working for a delivery app, you are likely to be an “independent contractor.” It’s important to consider what happens if you get into a car crash while making deliveries in your personal vehicle.

how to sue the at-fault driver

What If I Get In An Accident While Delivering For An App?

As with any car accident, you are responsible if you are the at-fault driver. Unfortunately, many delivery app services do not provide insurance coverage for their drivers. This means that it is up to you to be properly insured in case an accident does occur. The first and most important step is having insurance coverage. Before making deliveries you must check your insurance is going to cover you. The best way to do this is to talk to your insurance agent. Have them show you where your policy does (or does not) cover this type of claim.

What If A Delivery Driver Hits Me?

If a delivery driver hits you, you could be in for a nightmare dealing with insurance. It’s possible they thought they were covered under insurance, but they aren’t. You might have options to recover your losses, but insurance companies will try to deny your claim. Talk to a local injury attorney for advice about your situation. Sometimes a lawyer can help, sometimes they can give you free advice to help yourself.

Delivery Service Claims

It’s like the wild west. There is no regulation or protocol among companies regarding what to do if you do get in an accident while making a delivery. Delivery services do not have a consistent protocol that they follow. Some delivery services provide coverage, but it can be confusing or difficult to submit a claim. Talk to a lawyer for advice on your situation.

Experienced Delivery Driver Claims Lawyer

Different delivery apps have different claims processes. It’s confusing and difficult. An injury attorney can give you free advice to help you navigate your claim and protect your rights. If you need help with your claim, an injury attorney can handle all the details to get you the maximum amount available.

delivery service car accident injury claims

Car Accident Lawyer In Pennsylvania 

Car crashes involving delivery drivers can be confusing and difficult. If you are hurt and you weren’t the at-fault driver, talk to a local injury lawyer for advice.

Haggerty & Silverman – Injury Attorneys

The legal team at Haggerty & Silverman can help you understand your options. Call us today for a free legal consultation.