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Defective Pelvic Mesh

Pelvic mesh medical devices are meant to treat several medical conditions. However, defective pelvic mesh products cause more harm than good. When a dangerous medical device causes injury, speak to a lawyer.

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pelvic mesh product - representation

What Is Pelvic Mesh

This type of mesh treat women with pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Doctors install the mesh to support organs and treat medical conditions. Pelvic mesh products reinforce weak pelvic tissue and muscle.

older woman injured by defective mesh product

Pelvic Mesh Problems

Many women have reported problems after having pelvic mesh installed. Several court rulings have pointed to design defects in certain products. Additionally, poor manufacturing processes create more danger. There are several known defective pelvic mesh products. Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, makes several defective pelvic mesh products.

  • TVT-Secur
  • TVT-O
  • Prolift
  • Gynemesh

When To Call A Lawyer

If you experience any problems after pelvic mesh, talk to your doctor. When the doctor determines you have a defective pelvic mesh, call a lawyer.

pelvic organ prolapse mesh implant injury lawyer

Defective Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit

There have been several lawsuits filed against makers of defective mesh. Some have not been successful. Additionally, others have earned millions of dollars for those injured. An experienced product liability lawyer can make a big difference.

Pelvic Mesh Lawyer in Lancaster

Haggerty & Silverman has been helping people since 1994. We handle injury cases, including product liability.

People deserve great legal help, even when they can’t afford it. We don’t charge any legal fees unless we recover money for you. We also provide free consultations to answer your legal questions.

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If you have legal questions about defective pelvic mesh, contact us today. Call us at 717-397-3200. Get free answers to your questions and understand your options. Or, fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.