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Dangerous Dog Registry

Dangerous Dog Registry In Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has a dangerous dog registry. Any dog deemed dangerous requires special registration each year. Dangerous dog owners must follow specific guidelines to keep the dog.

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How To Report A Dangerous Dog

In Pennsylvania, a dangerous dog doesn’t need to bite someone first. Any dog that is aggressive in public, with or without reasonable restraint could be dangerous. These dogs should be reported. But who do you contact to report a dangerous or aggressive dog? You can use the contact information on the PA Department of Agriculture’s website.
In Lancaster County, you can contact the Region 7 Dog Law Enforcement Supervisor. Region 7 covers several counties and their office is in Harrisburg. Email here. Or, call direct at 717-418-0284.

Is There A Dangerous Dog In My Neighborhood?

The state of Pennsylvania maintains an online listing of registered dangerous dogs. Additionally, you can view the Pennsylvania dangerous dog registry list here. I have trouble believing it’s so short. The list is sorted by county. But, because a dog isn’t listed here doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. WGAL did a story on this topic in April of 2015. Back then, there were 26 dogs on the registry in Lancaster County. Now, there are less than 12.

What Should I Do If I See An Aggressive Dog?

If you do encounter an aggressive dog, please consider reporting it. Reporting an aggressive dog could go a long way in saving someone’s life. Many times, we have seen the results of dog attacks. In most cases, the owner knew their dog was dangerous. But the owner neglected to restrain their dog.

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What Should I Do If I Am Attacked By A Dog?

In any situation where you’re injured – seek medical help. But, a dog doesn’t need to bite to be considered an attack. Record any information you can about the dog and their owner. Be sure to file a report with the police. Ask to file a complaint against the owner for harboring a dangerous dog. This includes any instance where a dog is aggressive (unprovoked).

dangerous dog attack injury attorney

When To Consult A Dog Attack Injury Lawyer

Medical bills after a dog attack can be expensive. Scarring and tissue damage can last a lifetime. If you have trouble getting information from the dog owner (the name of their insurance company, vaccine information, etc.). Don’t sign anything from insurance until you’ve spoken to an injury lawyer. Understand your options and get real answers to your questions. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, talk to an injury lawyer.

Lancaster Dog Attack Injury Law Firm

At Haggerty & Silverman, we help injured people. We specialize in injury law. Our legal team helps people with dog bite injuries. We also help families dealing with wrongful death after a loved one dies from a dog attack.
Call or text us at 717-397-3200 to discuss your situation. Or fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you. Get some peace of mind. We are your trusted local injury law firm.