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Crash Involving Farm Equipment

It’s not often, but crashes with farm equipment do happen. Who is financially responsible for a crash involving farm equipment? It all depends on the situation that causes the crash.

When you have a crash involving farm equipment, your claim can get complicated. Here is what you need to know about claims involving farm equipment.

farm equipment vehicle crash lawyer

What Is A Farm Equipment Crash?

A crash involving farm equipment would be just like any other crash that you would experience on the road, except one party is in a farm vehicle. An accident with a farm equipment vehicle may cause damage to either vehicle and/or injury to any person involved.

Farm Vehicles On Public Roads

In Pennsylvania, it is legal for tractors and other farm equipment to drive on public roads. But, equipment operators must follow the rules of the road. For many farmers, public roads offer convenience and save time while tending to multiple fields.

How Is Farm Equipment Insured?

Since farm equipment is not intended to be driven on roads, they don’t have the same safety features as cars. There are no laws in Pennsylvania that exclude farm equipment from liability claims. Therefore, any farm vehicles on the road must be covered by insurance. Farm equipment is not usually insured with car insurance. Farm vehicles are usually insured under the farmer’s comprehensive personal liability policy. This kind of insurance provides liability coverage.

What To Do After A Crash Involving Farm Equipment

If you found yourself in a crash involving farm equipment, you need to know how to proceed. Filing a claim after any car accident may be an overwhelming process. A crash with farm equipment can be confusing. Do you need to file a police report? What should you do if you’re injured? At Kane and Silverman we are here to help guide you through this process. 

Farm Vehicles Lack Safety Features

Farm vehicles and equipment can pose a safety hazard for drivers. Bulky tractors don’t always have marker lights, mirrors, and other essential safety features. These safety features help keep all drivers safe.

Dangerous Road Hazards

Farm equipment can cause dangerous hazards for other drivers on public roads. Though farm machinery can legally operate on public roads, it may not be safe to do so. Farm machinery must be operated according to the rules of the road. When operating farm machinery on public roads, farmers are responsible for the hazards they create.

farm equipment crash lawyer

Who Is Liable In A Farm Equipment Crash?

According to Pennsylvania law, there is no difference in liability between a typical collision and a collision between a car and farm machinery. The crash will be assessed, and the at-fault party will be determined as per the law. It doesn’t matter if one of the vehicles involved is a farm vehicle. Therefore, liability will be based on who is at fault.

File A Police Report

It’s important to call the police after any crash. The police will investigate the situation and file an official report. If a driver was reckless or violating roadway laws, they would be the liable and at-fault driver. However, if the driver of the farm machinery was at fault, they would be liable. 

What Will My Insurance Cover?

The answer to this will vary depending on the circumstances of the crash and your insurance coverage. If you were hit by farm equipment on the road, you might want to file a claim against their coverage. This could be complicated and may involve their property insurance.

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What If A Driver Hits My Tractor?

If a driver hits you while you’re operating farm equipment on the road, you may have a claim against the driver. It might be possible to file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance for damages or medical expenses.

Filing An Insurance Claim

Farmers are required to carry insurance, but each policy is different. If the crash involves an injury, you may have a claim against the person at fault. 

vehicle accident with tractor - injury lawyer

When To Talk To An Attorney

Depending on your insurance company, it may cover your damages on its own. Each situation is different. You may benefit from talking to a knowledgeable vehicle accident attorney.

Local Vehicle Accident Law Firm

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