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COVID-19 Negligence Lawsuits

The coronavirus is a dangerous threat. Like everyone else, we’ve been glued to the news. There have been several stories in the news about COVID-19 lawsuits. We want to share a few situations where there might be a valid

COVID-19 negligence lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

Haggerty & Silverman is a personal injury law firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We handle personal injury and wrongful death claims in Pennsylvania.

Nursing Home Infections

There are some valid COVID-19 negligence lawsuits against nursing homes. Many retirement communities and nursing homes in our area did not follow procedures to reduce the risk of infections. As a result, many people were infected with the coronavirus.

Employment-Related Infections

Many employers refused to shut down during the state-mandated shutdown. Non-essential businesses required employees to work in unsafe conditions without protective equipment. These employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Lancaster Personal Injury Law Firm

If you have questions about a possible COVID-19 negligence lawsuit, contact a lawyer. The team at Haggerty & Silverman is available to answer any questions you might have about your situation. We provide free injury consultations.