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Coronavirus At Work

So many people are without work right now. Some people that are working are worried about coronavirus at work. As the state looks to re-open businesses, those staying at home are concerned.

social distancing is important at work too

What protections are in place to keep employees from coronavirus exposure? Do employees have any options if they get sick?

PA Coronavirus Response

In late March of 2020, the governor of Pennsylvania closed most businesses to stop the spread of COVID-19. As a result, over 1.7 million people were suddenly unemployed. Businesses were left without income. Doctors, nurses, factory workers, and grocery store employees were suddenly on the frontlines of a pandemic.

Employers Ignored Shutdown Orders

Despite orders to close any business deemed non-essential, some employers chose to stay open. Employees chose between having a job and being at risk or quitting without the protection of unemployment. Yet, many of these employers do nothing to protect employees from the spread of coronavirus. 

employee virus outbreak law firm

Coronavirus Outbreak At Work

Failure to protect employees lead to large outbreaks of COVID-19 at work. One doctor in York was able to trace over a dozen patients to exposure at a poultry processing plant. Outbreaks in nursing homes put nursing home residents and staff at risk too.

Virus outbreaks at work are a sign of insufficient protection.

Workers Compensation In Pennsylvania

These are uncertain times in Pennsylvania. But, exposure to COVID-19 at work may entitle employees to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation pays for medical treatment and lost income.

stay safe during covid-19 pandemic

Wrongful Death

In the event a loved-one dies of their workplace exposure to coronavirus, there may be compensation available. This money helps families replace the lost income, pay for funeral expenses, and more. While the money would never be able to replace a loved-one, it can provide financial stability. Wrongful death compensation also punishes negligence and deters wrongdoing in the future.

employee coronavirus exposure attorney

Talk To Your Employer

If you are concerned about coronavirus exposure at work, talk to your employer first. Many employers want to do the right thing to reduce exposure but aren’t aware of specific dangers. 

When To Call A Lawyer

If you’ve been exposed to coronavirus at work and your employer denies your workers’ comp claim, talk to a lawyer. Get advice to protect your rights.

covid-19 workplace lawyer

Lancaster Area Law Firm

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