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Underinsured Motorcyclist

There are nearly 900,000 registered motorcyclists in Pennsylvania. With that many motorcyclists on the road, accidents are going to happen. But many motorcyclists find out too late they are underinsured…. Read More

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Even the safest drivers get into accidents beyond their control. But people still ask, why do I need car insurance? Find out in this article.

Should You Ride In An Ambulance?

Should you ride in an ambulance? How will you pay for the bills after an injury? Lancaster injury law firm – Haggerty Silverman & Justice

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Lancaster

Trust Haggerty Silverman & Justice for a free legal consultation. If you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Lancaster, PA we are your trusted law firm.

Meniscus Tear Injury Lawyer

Sidelined with a meniscus tear injury? You might be eligible for compensation for your injury. Discuss your situation with an injury lawyer in a free consultation.

Identify A Dangerous Driver

Dangerous drivers are everywhere. Learn how to spot them on the road. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous driver in Pennsylvania, we can help.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Pennsylvania? It’s important to talk to a lawyer as quickly as possible. No fees unless we win money for you.