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Drunk Driver Kills Newlywed Bride

Bars overserved a drunk driver before the driver crashed into newlyweds at their reception, killing the bride. Several local bars may have shared a role in getting that driver drunk.

One-Pedal Driving

Electric vehicles are becoming more common. Manufacturers are making strides in the range and efficiency of these vehicles, but are they safe? In this article, we discuss a feature on… Read More

Speeding Drivers In Pennsylvania

Many PA drivers admit to driving over 100 MPH three or more times per month. This need for speed leads to car crashes and serious injuries.

Dangerous Driving: Snow Squall Crashes

When a snow squall strikes, it only takes one bad driver to start a chain-reaction crash. Snow squall crashes are some of the biggest multi-vehicle collisions we’ve seen. Learn more… Read More

Rise In Reckless Driving 

Reckless driving has been a problem since cars became a common mode of transportation. However, many of us have witnessed firsthand the rise in reckless driving behavior. Since 2020, the… Read More

Car Crash On Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be fun. When a car crash leaves you stuck or injured on vacation, you might need some help. A local injury lawyer may be able to… Read More

Traffic Calming – What Is It?

Traffic calming is the practice of reducing speed and changing driver behavior in an effort to increase safety. Traffic calming reduces vehicle collisions and the severity of crashes. Traffic calming… Read More

Driving In Fog

Fog is very dangerous to drive in. It can be just as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than driving on ice and snow. However, many people do not understand how… Read More