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Deemer Statute in New Jersey

When an out-of-state driver is injured in a car accident in New Jersey, the Deemer Statute can limit insurance coverage. Learn more about how the Deemer Statute applies.

Does Insurance Cover Intentional Acts of Harm?

When a driver intends to hurt themselves, others, or damage property, who is covered under insurance and who isn’t? Learn more about how insurance handles intentional acts of harm.

Truck Load Shift Injuries

What causes a truck load shift? When a load shift causes injury or death, survivors may seek compensation. Learn more about load shift injury claims.

Pennsylvania Unlicensed Driver Exclusion

For many years, car insurance companies in Pennsylvania have denied injury claims of unlicensed drivers. This is known as the Pennsylvania unlicensed driver exclusion. In this article, we will discuss… Read More

School Bus Cameras Catch Bad Drivers

School districts in PA are cracking down and catching drivers that illegally pass a stopped school bus. The goal is to prevent injuries to students. Learn more.

Curb Override Injury Attorney

A recent lawsuit has shed light on the inherent dangers of curb override crashes. In this article, we will delve into what curb override crashes entail, where they commonly occur,… Read More