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Case Study: Injury From Exploding Candle

Defective candles are a serious hazard. At Haggerty Silverman & Justice, we help people injured by exploding candles. In this article, we share a story about an injury case we handled involving an exploding candle.

We have changed the name of our client and the defendant(s) to protect their identities. The essential details of this case are true.

Haggerty Silverman & Justice is a personal injury law firm serving people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

small glass candle explosion injury lawsuit

Case Facts: Candle Explosion Injury

Injuries: Serious Burns on Hand with Permanent Scarring
Medical Costs: $40,000+
Initial Offer: $45,000
Settlement: $230,000+

Exploding Candle

Hanna enjoyed burning candles. She bought some small scented candles at the store and brought them home. When she lit one of the candles, it seemed like every other candle she had ever used before. There was no indication anything was wrong with this candle. She left the room and went to the kitchen.

When Hanna returned a few minutes later, the flame was shooting up a few feet above the candle. Before she could do anything, the candle exploded, hitting her with hot wax.

small candle in glass

Severe Injuries From Exploding Candle

The hot candle wax covered Hanna’s hand and part of her foot. Immediately, Hanna’s skin blistered and swelled. The pain was intense!

Hanna’s husband drove her to the emergency room. But, the emergency room wasn’t prepared to help someone with her burns. Hanna was sent to the local burn center to treat her burns.

Hanna had 2nd/3rd-degree burns, severe scarring, and nerve damage to her hand. Burn pain like this is terrible! Even with treatment, there is a constant burning sensation. The nerve damage gives her a constant tingling sensation in her hand, like pins and needles. The large scars affected Hanna’s mental health. In Hanna’s case, her injuries will never fully heal.

candle explosion burn injury lawyer

Contacting An Injury Attorney

Hanna contacted us for help. Our team started gathering evidence and investigating the parties that might be responsible. We initiated contact with the at-fault parties to get Hanna the money she deserved.


We work hard on behalf of every injured person that comes to us. For Hanna, we tried to negotiate fair compensation for her injuries. But, the at-fault parties didn’t want to pay more than $45,000. It sounds like a lot of money, but Hanna’s medical expenses (at that point) were over $40,000. She needed and deserved more money. We needed to move forward with a lawsuit to get Hanna the money she needed.

Exploding Candle Lawsuit

We filed an exploding candle injury lawsuit on Hanna’s behalf. But, before her case went to trial, the store and the candle manufacturer wanted to settle. Randall Justice worked hard on Hanna’s behalf. In the end, he was able to get more than $230,000 to settle Hanna’s case.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

At Haggerty Silverman & Justice, we help injured people. Our law firm handles all types of personal injury claims including product liability. In this situation, we were able to get Hanna the best possible outcome for her case. If you’re injured, contact a personal injury attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice for a free consultation.