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15 Teens Die In Car Crashes Over 3 Day Period

15 teenagers died in 3 different auto accidents in 3 days. It’s discouraging news as teen driving and deaths take center stage. Any time teens die in car crash is a tragic loss. Parents and whole communities are mourning the loss of young lives that may have been preventable.

Car Crashes and Flips Into Pond

In Chicago, Illinois, 4 teens were found dead when a 2001 Mitsubishi was recovered upside down in water. Police suspect the car had plunged into a creek after the driver may have hit a patch of water or ice on the road and careened through a guardrail. The following day at the local high school, there was a moment of silence. On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the school students and staff wore black in their honor.

Fatal Car Accident in Ohio: 6 Teens Killed; 2 Survived

In Warren, Ohio, 6 teens lost their lives and two survived when the SUV they were driving crashed into a guardrail, flipped over, and rolled into a freezing pond nearby. The ages of the teens ranged from 14 to 19. One of the survivors of the crash, 15-year-old Asher Lewis, told police that it felt like the SUV was going about 80 mph.

Ohio teens die in car accident, two survive

“The lady driving was playing around when she was driving,” recalls Lewis, “She was swerving and speeding. I think she was driving on purpose like that but I’m not sure why.”

The other survivor, 18-year-old Brian Henry, told investigators that he pleaded with the female driver of the vehicle (Alexis Cayson, 19) to slow down. But she didn’t. After the crash, Henry and Lewis escaped from the submerged SUV by kicking out the back window. They swam to shore and after calling out the names of the other passengers they ran to a nearby house to get help.

Turns out that Cayson had stolen the keys from her uncle, and took the SUV for a joyride. She did not have a valid driver’s license.

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Five Teens Killed In Car Crash Explosion

In Moore County, Texas, tragedy struck yet again when an SUV carrying 5 teenagers ran a stop sign and crashed into a semi-truck carrying gas. Both the SUV and the gas truck exploded in the crash. All 5 teenagers died and the truck driver was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

teen mom dies in crash

Family members, co-workers and friends reminisced about their loss, remembering all 5 teens were close friends. Inseparable. No one truly knows where they were going that fateful day, but there remain heavy hearts in towns throughout Moore County, TX.

Car Accidents and Safety

More than any other cause, statistics show that auto accidents are a main cause of death among teenagers. Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration adds that fatalities related to accidents are down over the years, that is not a sobering thought to friends and families who have lost their loved ones.

Car Crash Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or lost a loved one due to another driver’s negligence, contact an attorney for help. Haggerty Silverman & Justice has built a reputation for helping injured people get the money they deserve. Contact us for a free car crash injury case evaluation with an attorney.