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Armstrong Employee Chemical Exposure Lawsuits

Armstrong World Industries is a Pennsylvania-based corporation. The company is mainly a designer and manufacturer of walls, ceilings, and flooring. The company is quite large with over 4,000 employees as of 2019.

Armstrong employee harmful chemical exposure

A company of this size should be well-equipped to keep its employees safe. Yet, the company has been accused of harming employees with toxic chemicals in the workplace. Lawsuits have been filed against Armstrong in this matter, with each lawsuit seeking compensation for harm caused to employees. This case is important in showing the impact of toxic chemical exposure in the workplace, and how companies are held accountable with personal injury lawsuits.

Toxic Chemicals Used At Armstrong

Former employees at Armstrong’s flooring plant in Lancaster, PA were exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. However, they did not know it at the time. What the company called ‘Safety Solvent’ was actually a product containing Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Methylene Chloride. These are very strong and toxic chemicals. Prolonged and repeated exposure is extremely hazardous. This solution was routinely used for multiple tasks, like cleaning machinery.

manufacturing machinery cleaned with harmful chemicals

While these chemicals were used often in the workplace at Armstrong, there was little or no ventilation to air the chemicals out of the space during and after use. Armstrong supplied the chemicals but did not educate employees on the risk or safe use. This exposure likely caused serious health problems for many employees.

Is Armstrong To Blame?

Companies must be transparent with the materials that employees may come in contact with throughout the scope of their job duties. This way, employees can make an informed decision when it comes to their health, and they can potentially better protect themselves with safety gear.

Armstrong Employee Health Problems

There have been multiple cases of former Armstrong employees developing cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and a variety of other serious illnesses. This shows how serious the health complications have been for some former employees of Armstrong. Some former employees are going through treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, as well as other intensive treatments for their various health problems.

armstrong employee manufacturing chemical exposure

Employer Negligence

In this situation, Armstrong is being accused of knowing the potential health risks without disclosing the information to employees. If this is found to be true, Armstrong has been grossly negligent in handling the safety of their employees and should pay to help these families get their lives back on track. While money can’t help these families get back everything they lost, it can help pay medical bills and get them the treatments they need.

Find An Attorney Today

If you or a loved one have a health condition related to toxic chemicals in the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation. If your injury happened in Pennsylvania, an attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice may be able to help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an injury attorney.