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Safe Driver Quiz

safe driver quiz - are you an unsafe driver?

Are You a Safe Driver? Take the Quiz!

How would you rate your driving skills? Most of us want to believe we are safe drivers. According to an Allstate Survey, the majority of Americans (64 percent) rate themselves as “excellent” or “very good” drivers. But, they don’t view other drivers as being so great. In fact, Americans gave an “excellent” or “very good” rating to only 29 percent of their friends and 22 percent of other drivers their age.

Learn how to identify dangerous drivers

While many Americans believe they are good drivers, they admit to engaging in some unsafe behaviors on the road. 89 percent said they’ve driven faster than the posted speed limit and 53 percent reported having received a speeding ticket or other moving violation.

A separate study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that more than half of drivers believe that using a cell phone or texting makes no difference on their driving performance. But as passengers, 90 percent said they would feel very unsafe if their driver was using a cell phone.

State Farm also conducted a survey about drivers’ opinions on distracted driving. It found that 84 percent of drivers agree with laws prohibiting physically interacting with a cell phone while driving. However, 51 percent of drivers admitted to talking on a handheld cell phone and 36 percent admitted to texting while driving.

Behaviors such as speeding and texting are dangerous. It only takes one mistake to get into a crash.

So, are you a safe driver or an unsafe driver? Take the quiz below to find out.

Safe or Unsafe Driver Quiz

Think you are a safe driver? Travelers Insurance has a driver’s ed. quiz on their website. Take the quiz and share your results on our Facebook page.

Car Accident Attorneys in Lancaster, PA

Even if you’re a safe driver, the unsafe actions of others could lead to a car crash. If you or a loved one was injured in a motor vehicle collision, the Lancaster car accident attorneys at Haggerty & Silverman can help. Call or text us at 717-397-3200 or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.