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AmazonBasics Injuries

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. The company even has its own discount product line, AmazonBasics. Some customers are claiming AmazonBasics products aren’t safe. Currently, there are over 60 federal lawsuits linked to AmazonBasics injuries claims.

AmazonBasics injuries

CNN News Report

A CNN investigation started with an office chair that caught fire. Firefighters found an office chair that caught fire because of a little AmazonBasics USB cable. But CNN dug deeper and found many products from AmazonBasics had safety issues.

AmazonBasics Products

Amazon launched AmazonBasics in 2009. Since then, the discount line grew to include over 5,000 products. Basically, Amazon copies popular products and sells them cheaper than major manufacturers. Many of these products are popular and have great online reviews. Sometimes, discount products sacrifice quality and safety.

AmazonBasics Injuries In Online Reviews

Online reviews for AmazonBasics products are largely positive. Customers enjoy the quality products and cheaper price points. But, some reviews mention safety issues. Fire, electric shock, and other hazards surfaced in reviews for these popular products. It seems AmazonBasics injuries are related to a few faulty products passing quality control checks.

amazon basics product injury lawyer

Faulty Products

In the manufacturing process, mistakes happen. Even major manufacturers slip on quality. Product testing and quality control checks reduce the chance of consumers receiving faulty products. But mistakes happen, and sometimes a defective product ends up hurting someone.

Just because it was a mistake, doesn’t mean the manufacturer isn’t responsible. The manufacturer is responsible when a defective product causes someone harm. This is covered under product liability law.

Product Liability

Product liability laws describe a manufacturer’s responsibility and duty to their customers. Customers deserve reasonably safe products. When a product defect hurts someone, the manufacturer is responsible financially.

Product liability lawyers help injured people recover money for expenses related to an injury. Product injury-related expenses and compensation can include:

  • hospital bills
  • doctor bills
  • prescription fees
  • physical therapy
  • scarring
  • amputation or loss of limb
  • wrongful death
amazon basics product liability

Lancaster Product Liability Law Firm

If you have questions about a product liability claim in Pennsylvania, call Haggerty & Silverman. The Lancaster product liability lawyers of Haggerty & Silverman can provide advice free over the phone.

Free Legal Consultations

The Lancaster injury lawyers of Haggerty & Silverman provide free consultations. If you think you have an injury claim, call us today. We’ll answer your questions and provide free advice.

If you have a valid claim, we can handle your case on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay us anything unless and until we recover money for you. We pay all the filing fees and court costs upfront and you don’t pay us back unless and until we recover money for you. If we don’t win money in your case, you never pay us.