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Amazon Delivery Driver Seriously Injures Man

Amazon has become very ingrained in our society since its founding in 1994. Amazon continues to hit all-time high profits with over 4 billion packages delivered in 2020. Additionally, Amazon is on track to become the United States’ largest delivery service in 2022.

With so many packages, Amazon has started its own delivery fleet. Sometimes, drivers for Amazon are independent contractors. This can create a tangled web when an Amazon delivery driver crashes into a pedestrian or another driver. If you have been injured by an Amazon delivery driver in Pennsylvania, talk to a personal injury lawyer at Haggerty & Silverman.

amazon delivery driver crash injury

Contractor Or Employee?

Although Amazon facilitates the delivery of products purchased on its website, the company often collaborates with delivery companies as ‘independent contractors.’ Amazon does this in order to make all of their deliveries possible with such a high volume of deliveries every day. Every state has different laws regarding independent contractors.

In Pennsylvania, if an employer dictates the schedule and movements of an independent contractor, that person is considered an employee under the law.

Why Does It Matter?

In Pennsylvania, these drivers could actually be classified as an employee of Amazon. But, why does it matter? How a delivery driver is classified matters for a variety of reasons, especially when it involves an injury.

A crash with an at-fault independent contractor means the injured party relies on the independent contractor’s insurance coverage. Amazon will usually have better insurance coverage than an independent contractor.

Pennsylvania Law

Can Amazon be held legally responsible for vehicle crashes caused by its delivery drivers? It depends on the situation and the classification of the driver. Is the driver an employee or an independent contractor? In Pennsylvania, it doesn’t matter how Amazon classifies the driver. The law provides a clear distinction between an employee and an independent contractor.

Amazon Is In Charge

Although these delivery drivers may not be hired as employees of Amazon, Amazon still tightly controls all aspects of the delivery process. This is an important distinction in Pennsylvania. 

Fighting Amazon

Amazon is liable for employee drivers that operate under Amazon. However, when it comes to independent contractors, Amazon denies responsibility. Fighting Amazon could be an uphill battle to get the compensation you deserve for your injury. It’s important to remember, just because a company claims it is not responsible doesn’t mean it is true. If you are injured by an Amazon driver or independent contractor working for Amazon, talk to an injury lawyer for help.

injury lawsuits against amazon

Vehicle Injury Claim Against Amazon

On March 15, 2021 a father and his two children were in a car driving on I-75. The family of three stopped behind a stalled vehicle when a delivery van aggressively rear-ended their vehicle, causing serious injuries. They were struck from behind by a vehicle making deliveries exclusively for Amazon. However, the driver was employed by a delivery service that was hired by Amazon to facilitate deliveries.

Back Seat Passenger Sues Amazon

Bloomberg reports the passenger in the back seat suffered severe injuries as a result of this accident. With brain and spinal cord injuries, he spent months in the hospital on a ventilator, clinging to life. Prior to the accident, this man was studying to become a doctor. Due to the severity of his injuries, it is undetermined if he will ever walk again.

Who Is Responsible?

This accident has dramatically impacted the entire family. Not only did this accident cause severe physical damage, but it also changed their lives forever. In June, just a few months after the accident, the man filed a lawsuit alleging that Amazon is liable for the crash that changed his life. Proving that Amazon is liable will impact not only this case but others just like it. 

Surprising Amount Of Control

Amazon argues since the delivery driver is a direct employee of Harper Logistics LLC, they are not liable for the accident. However, the plaintiff’s attorney is focusing on the fact that Amazon has control of every aspect of the delivery process down to the smallest details. Amazon is responsible for every move its ‘independent contractor’ drivers make. The company tracks every stop, turn, and acceleration of the delivery vehicles. Additionally, there are cameras to track cell phone usage, yawning, and more. With this level of control, surveillance, and tracking, how can Amazon claim the drivers are independent contractors?

amazon injury lawyer

While the plaintiff awaits the verdict in his case, this opens a conversation regarding delivery services and liability. Is Amazon responsible for the actions of its independent contractors? Each situation will be different. While there may not be one clear-cut answer, nobody deserves to suffer as a result of another person’s actions.

Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a vehicle crash, talk to a local personal injury attorney for free. Our personal injury attorneys can help you understand your options. You don’t pay us anything until we recover money for you. Call or text us at 717-397-3200 to schedule a free consultation.