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Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Verdict

A Pennsylvania jury awarded $182.7 million in a cerebral palsy birth injury case. Learn more about cerebral palsy birth injuries. Free case evaluations with a birth injury attorney.

Epidural Injury Attorney

Epidurals are a common form of pain management. According to Johns Hopkins research, 60-70% of women in labor get epidurals each year. What are the risks? When something goes wrong,… Read More

Hotel Sex Trafficking Lawsuits

When hotels make a profit from rented rooms, they might ignore sex trafficking when it happens. In this article, we discuss what sex trafficking is and how the law allows… Read More

Pennsylvania Unlicensed Driver Exclusion

For many years, car insurance companies in Pennsylvania have denied injury claims of unlicensed drivers. This is known as the Pennsylvania unlicensed driver exclusion. In this article, we will discuss… Read More

Drug Diversion In Hospitals

When drug diversion harms patients, those patients may have valid cause for a medical negligence lawsuit. Learn more.