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Benzene Leukemia Lawsuit

A Philadelphia jury awarded $725.5 million for a mechanic with leukemia after using ExxonMobil products containing benzene. Learn more.

When To Retire From Driving

Retiring from driving is a difficult decision. Learn more about how to know when it is time to give up driving and alternative ways to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Hypoxic Brain Injury

Hypoxic brain injury (HBI) is a serious injury with long-lasting or permanent harm. Learn about the cause of HBI and when you might be eligible for compensation.

Does Insurance Cover Intentional Acts of Harm?

When a driver intends to hurt themselves, others, or damage property, who is covered under insurance and who isn’t? Learn more about how insurance handles intentional acts of harm.

Truck Load Shift Injuries

What causes a truck load shift? When a load shift causes injury or death, survivors may seek compensation. Learn more about load shift injury claims.

Small Airplane Crash Attorney

Small airplane crashes are more common than crashes on the major airlines. Why? There are several factors that contribute to small airplane crash incidents.

Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Verdict

A Pennsylvania jury awarded $182.7 million in a cerebral palsy birth injury case. Learn more about cerebral palsy birth injuries. Free case evaluations with a birth injury attorney.