Increase In Head Injury From High Chair Accidents

Posted on by Howard G. Silverman in Product Liability

high chair recall lawyersHigh chair injuries have increased in the past 10 years by 22% according to a Clinical Pediatrics study. The blame was directed at parents who supposedly were not following the safety instructions and proper operations of the high chairs. Making matters worse, there are still high chairs in use that have failed safety tests and fell below standards.

It is estimated that each year, 9,400 children are injured while in high chairs. The injuries include cuts, falls, and other serious injuries. How serious? 85% of the babies who were injured in these high chairs sustained face and head injuries. In contrast, only 2.4% of these accidents were considered non-life threatening or minor.

Sadly, not all high chair product recalls are adhered to by the consumer. When this occurs, accidents become more prevalent and inevitable. More Importantly, with more attention being brought to traumatic brain injuries and concussions, parents are quick to go to the hospital to have their child evaluated.

Dr. Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy, said, “there has been an increased awareness about the importance of minor head injury and concussion in the news. It is primarily related to sports, but it has also become on the radar for clinicians and parents.”

Although there have been many high chair product recalls, there is little doubt that the majority of these accidents are due to improper use of the chairs’ safety features. Sometimes these features are not used at all. The results were children standing, sliding or jumping from the chair.

“We know that over the recent years, millions of chairs have been recalled in the U.S. because of not meeting safety standards,” says Smith when speaking with LiveScience,” But usually, a very low percentage of recalled products are actually returned.”

Faulty High Chairs?

Why may some parents be using outdated or faulty high chairs? Because the Consumer Product Safety Act was introduced in 2008. However, the law only went into effect in 2011. This means that there is a fairly high probability that there are still some faulty high chairs in circulation now, some already in homes.

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