Pennsylvania Workplace Injury Lawyers

Pennsylvania Workplace Injury Lawyers

workplace accident lawyers in philadelphiaEvery year many people are victims of workplace injury. Victims with personal injury claims arising from workplace injury may be entitled to compensation and other benefits. Workers’ compensation is insurance paid by employers which provides cash benefits and medical care if an employee becomes disabled due to workplace injuries, regardless of fault. A Lancaster workplace injury lawyer should be called in if you’ve suffered a workplace injury. A trained workplace accident attorney will make sure that you understand what kind of benefits you might receive under the applicable workers’ compensation insurance policy. Your employer (who is required to carry the compensation insurance coverage) should give you a workers’ compensation claim form to complete. When you are injured on the job, you are entitled to have the costs of your medical care covered by your employer. The treatment may include consultations, physical therapy, surgery, hospitalization, drug treatment, nursing care, as well as physical and vocational rehabilitation services. You may also be entitled to lost wages, and you may be entitled to recover damages against responsible parties for pain and suffering as well.

Insurance Claims and Work

In some instances, legitimate personal injury cases can be denied claims by aggressive compensation carriers. An insurer can claim that you haven’t been injured, or that the injury you’ve suffered isn’t serious enough to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If this is the case, you may stand to lose critical benefits, such as medical care coverage, financial help and job retraining.

If you’ve suffered a construction accident or any other workplace injury, you should contact our Pennsylvania Workplace Injury Attorneys for a consultation. We can help you make sense of your workers’ compensation package and ensure you are getting the benefits you deserve. To determine whether or not you have a personal injury case please complete our online personal injury case form and a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney will contact you promptly. Alternatively, we invite you to call a personal injury attorney at 888.243.4326 for a free consultation. If you have additional questions please utilize the free personal injury information center provided by the American Justice Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon can I collect workers’ compensation?
A: Workers’ compensation starts on the fourth day of disability (subject to a three day waiting period)

Q: Are all Pennsylvania workers eligible for workers’ compensation?
A: Most Pennsylvania part-time and full-time employees are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Q: How do I determine my workers’ compensation rate?
A: Your rate is based on 60% of your average weekly rate. To determine your average weekly rate, add your gross wages for the previous 26 weeks leading up to your injury and then divide by the number of total weeks.

Q: Can I see my own doctor if I am injured on the job?
A: It depends if your carrier is using a managed care program or not. If yes, then you must choose a doctor within the provided network. If no, then you may choose your own doctor.

Q: Who pays for my prescriptions if I am injured on the job?
A: In most cases the insurance carrier will reimburse you for any prescriptions relating to your injury within thirty days from receipt of the request.