Pennsylvania Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Pennsylvania Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

More than 11% of all accidents in the United States each year are “hit and run accidents” and the statistics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are consistent with the national average. A hit and run accident is a particular type of vehicle accident where a person involved in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other vehicle accident fails to stop after the accident. When a hit and run driver leaves the scene, it prevents the authorities from being able to undertake a full and complete investigation and often leaves the injured party with the full financial burden from the accident.

Hit and run accidents may subject the wrongdoer not only to civil liability for the injuries caused to the victim but may lead to criminal prosecution as well. Indeed, the law regards hit and run accidents as serious crimes. Under Chapter 37 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated, leaving the scene of any accident is a crime, and furthermore, where the accident involves serious bodily injury or death, the crime is a felony.

Injured In A Hit & Run?

Hit & Run Lawyers in Lancaster PA

As with any personal injury claim, cases arising from hit and run accidents may form the basis of civil claims as well. In other words, you are entitled to recover damages from responsible parties if you have been injured, or you have sustained property damage, due to the negligence or recklessness of others. An experienced accident lawyer can counsel you in detail about your rights.

There is added complexity in “hit and run” cases in that the plaintiff may have difficulty obtaining the evidence necessary to successfully maintain a cause of action against the responsible party. Therefore, when you have been involved in a hit and run accident, it is absolutely vital that you contact an experienced accident lawyer who has handled hit and run cases and who can help you to track down the responsible parties so that you may pursue your claim for damages. Don’t despair. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania hit and run accident lawyers at Haggerty & Silverman have seen it all when it comes to hit and run cases, and we can help you find the responsible parties and maintain a successful claim relating to your hit and run accident. Please contact one of our hit and run accident injury specialists at 888-243-4326 for a free consultation. Feel free to utilize the information center provided by the American Justice Network to help answer any of your hit and run accident injury questions.