Pennsylvania Bicycle Accident Lawyers

bicycly accident lawyers Lancaster, paPennsylvania Bicycle Accident Lawyers

An experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney knows how devastating an accident involving a bike can be. When accidents occur while bicycling, they tend to be quite serious for obvious reasons. Unlike passengers in cars or trucks, the bicycle rider is unprotected on all sides. Prudent bicycle riders take adequate precautions to minimize the likelihood of harm in the event they should fall or be thrown from their bicycle.


For example, bicycle riders should:

  • wear safety helmets
  • observe the rules of the road
  • wear fluorescent or other brightly colored clothes to increase their visibility to other drivers
  • use a front light and red rear reflector
  • be courteous to other drivers and never exhibit “road rage” even if others fail to extend courtesy to them
  • expect that others may not see them and should therefore drive defensively


Of course, despite one’s best efforts, accidents do happen. Unfortunately, with respect to bicycle accidents, the injuries tend to be severe, and may be expected to include brain injury, spinal cord injury or even death. Bicycle accidents in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are no exception.

Experienced Pennsylvania Bicycle Accident Lawyers understand the nuances associated with advocating cases involving bicycle accidents. As with all personal injury cases, in the event that you have suffered an injury while riding a bicycle, you need creative and experienced counsel.

Professional Bicycle Accident Lawyers

At Haggerty and Silverman, we take a unique approach to managing bicycle accident litigation. Indeed, many of our Bicycle Accident Attorneys are avid bicycle riders themselves, and thus, Haggerty and Silverman lawyers who specialize in handling such cases are likely to have unique insight into how to manage bicycle accident injury litigation. For example, we have access to individuals who are bona fide experts in the factors that underlie such accidents and we will use such experts, when appropriate, to further our clients claims. In addition, our lawyers take your case personally, and it is not uncommon for a skilled attorney to trace the path of the bicycle rider in order to identify the factors that contributed to an accident.

Not all firms take such a personalized approach. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, our Bicycle Accident Lawyers, have the experience, skill and passion needed to represent your interests following a bicycle accident. Please contact one of our pedestrian injury specialists at 888-243-4326 for a free consultation. Feel free to utilize the information center provided by the American Justice Network to help answer any of your pedestrian accident injury questions.