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are you an unsafe driver quiz

Are You An Unsafe Driver? [Quiz] How would you rate your driving skills? According to an Allstate Survey, the majority of Americans (64 percent) rate themselves as “excellent” or “very good” drivers. But, they don’t view other drivers as being so great. In fact, Americans gave an “excellent” or “very good” rating to only 29 percent […]

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winter car crashes

Winter Car Crashes [Infographic] Have you ever driven in the snow? While freshly fallen snow can look pretty, it can quickly become annoying when it affects roads. Driving on snowy or icy streets is difficult and dangerous. Slippery road conditions are to blame for thousands of winter car crashes each year. Even if you have […]

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toy-related injuries infographic

Hazardous Toys Were you ever injured while playing with a toy as a kid? Whether you fell off your bike and scraped your knee or hurt your eye with a flying object from a toy, you are not alone. Toy injuries are common. In fact, over 250,000 children suffered toy-related injuries in 2014 alone. Some injuries are […]

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pedestrian safety in lancaster county pennsylvania

New Projects Aim to Improve Lancaster Pedestrian Safety Pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance. In the past, roads were designed with motor vehicles in mind. But now, many pedestrians and cyclists use the road as well. Sidewalks, well-defined crosswalks, and bike lanes can make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Designing streets that consider […]

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open-heart surgery

1,300 WellSpan York Hospital Open-Heart Surgery Patients at Risk for NTM Infection   *UPDATE 11/10/15 Penn State Hershey Patients Also at Risk for NTM A second Pennsylvania hospital, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, has reported NTM infections in three of its open-heart surgery patients. Two of the patients infected have died, but the hospital has […]

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Pennsylvania Trampoline Accident Lawyers

One of America’s favorite pastimes is baseball. Yet when it comes to home recreational activities, there’s another old time favorite. Trampolines. The trampoline was invented back in 1887 to help firefighters catch people trapped in burning buildings. In 1936, two gymnasts created the modern day trampoline sold all over the world today. When a consumer […]

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How much is too much? The FDA has issued a warning that too much Acetaminophen may lead to liver damage. This may sound like old news, but in fact, the FDA has recently come to this conclusion after several new studies were conducted. When you’ve had surgery, dental work or have been injured, many doctors […]

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high chair recall lawyers

High chair injuries have increased in the past 10 years by 22% according to a Clinical Pediatrics study. The blame was directed at parents who supposedly were not following the safety instructions and proper operations of the high chairs. Making matters worse, there are still high chairs in use that have failed safety tests and […]

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Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyers

Accepting the death of a loved one is always difficult. The empty, cold feeling doesn’t get any better when you realize that the negligent actions of others contributed to their early departure from life. That’s what Timothy Gunther has had to deal with for years. That is until recently when he was awarded $3.8 million […]

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The Mourning Light Foundation continues to help families cope with the loss of a child and educate teens on the consequences of high risk behaviors. They also advocate for bringing driver education classes back to schools. Always consistent in their message, this foundation is based on hope and helping families rocked by tragedy. The members […]